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Links to Legal Resources

LAIC does not provide legal services. It is an educational program that supports new solo attorneys as they develop viable community law practices.  

If you are trying to find a lawyer, the LA County Bar Association runs a lawyer referral service, Smartlaw, which screens attorneys for qualifications, and attorneys provide a free initial consultation (up to 20 minutes).



If you are outside Los Angeles, CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE CALIFORNIA STATE BAR'S WEBSITE (  for a list of lawyer referral services in other counties. 

If you need a lawyer and cannot afford one, you may qualify for free legal services from legal aid. Legal aid agencies are non-profit organizations that provide free legal services to people below a certain income level. To find a legal aid organization in your area, CLICK HERE TO CONNECT WITH LEGAL AID ASSISTANCE (


The California Judicial Branch also has an online self-help center with information: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE JUDICIAL COUNCIL'S SELF-HELP OPTIONS ( 


The Los Angeles Law Library also has a wealth of resources for lawyers, for consumers and for pro se litigants: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE LOS ANGELES LAW LIBRARY (

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